B a c k g r o u n d :

Marjo Wilson was raised on a cattle ranch in Covelo (Round Valley), California. 
She has been painting and drawing the "animals" and "country scenes" all her life.  
Marjo graduated from Art Center, College of Design in 1989.  After her training in Graphic Art, Painting and Printmaking, she returned home and resumed her deeply rooted ambition to paint the country life she grew up in.  Years later, she still is painting the horses and cattle and cowboys, the dogs and pigs and chickens, the barns, the fields, the rivers, the country roads - and the life on either side. 

Style & Technique:
Marjo’s favorite medium to work in is watercolor- she enjoys a quick sketchy style more than a laborious precise technique.  She uses acrylic paints for her large canvas paintings- preferring the ability to layer many thin washes- reminiscent of the watercolor application that comes most naturally to her.  

Also known for her unique drawing style, Marjo mixes charcoal with pastels and light washes rendered on 100% cotton rag board. Her distinct appraoch combines subject matter in nature with subtle geometric abstract shapes… juxtaposing  “nature’s organic lines” of animals and landscapes and people with the “sharp rigid lines” of rectangles and mathematical man-made edges.  With this interplay of shape and line,  Marjo is able to create a sense of depth and dimension all of her own.
She says of her unique style, “I like to try and leave something for the viewer’s imagination- sort of like looking at clouds...”

Now Showing:
Marjo's recent work is currently on display at Blue Sky Gallery in Willits, CA.

Marjo lives in Covelo, (Mendocino County) with her husband Morten.  When not busy painting in the Art Studio- she's in the Music Studio- writing and recording her own music- another expression of her passion for the place and the people she’s from. 

Check out Marjo’s Music.