Cattle Prints


C A T T L E    P A I N T I N G S :

"BLACK MAMA TRIO" Charcoal mix on 100% Rag Board -framed size 37"x31"
"REGALITIES" mixed med charcaol/pastel/wash on 100% Rag Board 47x27


People ask me why I like to paint cows-
My most common response is that they are so gentle and "easy-going" and simple and don't have much to say- like a relief to all the opinions and confusion and demands that our normal daily lives seem to conjure up one way or another...
I remember back when I was a student in art school- how "intellectual" some of the teachers were and how they would sit with a class and talk for hours about some lame thing that someone decided was "art." -like a deflated basketball stuffed into a broken empty old fish-tank... okay- so Charles Duchamp "eat your heart out!"... but it was back then when everybody had these "deep things" to say about everything- and I thought - you know- I like cows- I think they are beautiful- and they are so simple that really there isn't a whole lot to talk about - either you like them or you don't.

So perhaps defiance was my beginning to my cow painting...

Of course I've seem to never tire of painting a cow... and I've been out of art school for a long time now.
I can say that the cow image- the bull image- has taken on much more depth for me- One of my latest paintings called "Gaurdians" is of a brahma bull with a mirror image-  kind of like a giant Rorschach image... a reflection-  showing two sides- and investgating the idea of "conscious and subconscious" a bit. 
The cattle have clearly taken on a spiritual energy for me - as from Ancient India- "The Cow as a God upon the Earth"- and perhaps the simplicity and the strength and the lack-of-fear they seem to possess is what has attracted me to them all my life...
Of course - I did grow up on a cattle ranch... and the graphic shapes and shadows of horns and ears and backs and colors have always caught my eye...
I love to watch the tenderness of a mother cow with her calf- and the Regal spirit of the Brahma bulls- with their "eye liner" markings- like they've been all "done-up" for a grand show! And how light falls across them all-

Cows are cool.

"GUARDIANS" Acrylic on canvas 60"x48" small prints available