Dog portrait, dalmation, watercolor, modern portrait, magical art,
Sir Elliot of the Daisies (commission)
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Baling Wire Series, Canvas print on wood panel with one-of-a-kind wire hangers
Girl rider, horse rider, horse art, western art, contemporary western art, marjo wilson,
Girl Rider 48x24 acrylic on canvas, available
empowerment art, spiritual art, healing art, symology art, divine feminine art,  Marjo Wilson art,
I See- I Feel, Banshee (sold) Prints available.
rooster art, chicken art, modern chicken, farm animals, marjo wilson, Mendocino county artist.
"Red Rooster" 17 x 42 charcoal pastel wash mix on 100% rag board (sold) prints available
marjo wilson art, cochise, girl on horse, portraits on horse, contemporary western art
Lois and Cochise approx 27x30 (commission)
dog protraits, fine art, dog art, marjo wilson, mendo county, California art, animal art, contemporary animal  art
"Shep" (dog portrait commission)