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R I V E R   P A I N T I N G S

"Summer's Last Jewel" acrylic on canvas 30"x40"


"I’ve been wanting to try and paint water forever it seems…
though I have always been afraid to.
It can be a tricky thing- painting water.

I grew up on a
river filled with swimming holes and great big rocks to jump off of…
Always taking in the splendor and magic of running water and the awesome life energy of a flowing river, with all it’s magnificent beauty of sunlight and shadows dancing about the rocks and sand and water and plants…
I have noticed over the years that when the river is very low and “still” in the late Fall, (before the rains come and turn her into a muddy raging force,) the reflections in the calm water are very graphic with shapes and colors that I could relate to… I’ve always been inspired by the dark greens and blues of the shadows in the water and the fresh lighter jade greens of the water in the light- so refreshing – so relieving…

finally I got the courage to explore the river through my art.
Here are some of my first river paintings as collective body of work.  These paintings were painted in Fall of 2005 and shown in the
Blue Sky Gallery  in Dec 2005.

I am a lover of abstraction, and the river provided me with endless subject matter of abstract beauty!  I‘m really inspired to investigate the image of the river as an identifiable image… as well as simultaneously exploring the depths of the abstract world we live in. 
I live near the Eel River- and I love her.  And she loves back graciously and fiercely!
I hope these expressions of mine can
portray some of my very high respect for her and the life force that she carries and shares.  And her endless beauty.

I feel as though this was just the beginning of my water studies…
Just getting my feet wet!"


River Paintings: Watercolors
River Paintings: Acrylic on Canvas